Back on track

Less is more. I’m trying to blog on a regular base again. Shorter posts, more content – that is the idea. I hope to shoot some more photos as well, time will tell if I am able to do so.

The Lazaretto Ultra LP

I love vinyl. The whole act of putting it on and not being able to skip it is great. Besides of often having great artworks in a format you actually recognize things. Last: owning a piece of art physical gives you an even better feeling.
Jack White now raises the bar with his upcoming album Lazaretto published as a so called ultra lp. I luckily preordered additionally the vault version of it and can’t wait to get it.

/snow & WP iOS-App 3.9

Now that the snow is gone, I post a picture of it that I have already posted on tumblr. Anyway, I needed some content to test the latest update of the wordpress iOS app. Quite nice.
Edit: But yet not as easy as posting a quick note on tumblr, and by far not as much possibilities as in the webinterface of wordpress. I wasnt able to choose from all of my categories (bug) and I couldnt select a file as featured image from my wordpress media-files (missing feature). Too bad.


Sven travels

Photos so beautiful it hurts, you can find at! One picture better than another from his last year trips to Iceland, the USA, and, and, and…

Crashed Airplane in Island